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Levels and Loudness for Podcasts

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Do you struggle to use compressors, get balanced mixes, or hit industry-standard LUFS targets in your podcast production?

Audio levels are the key to understanding practically every tool in your DAW. In this course, I’ll take you through everything from how to use the basic meters in your DAW to shaping the dynamics of your audio to hit LUFS targets easily and repeatably.

What you’ll learn in Levels and Loudness for Podcasts:

  • The basics of meters

  • The history of loudness

  • How to really use compressors

  • How to dial in your loudness range for maximum dynamics

  • The difference between limiters and compressors

  • What does loudness mean

  • Dynamic range explained

  • Practical DAW signal flows you can easily replicate

  • Normalization vs. loudness normalization

  • Do you need a separate mastering process

And much more!

Are you tired of reading articles written for the music production?

I understand! I approach everything from the perspective of podcast production, and leave the music industry examples and analogies behind. Articles on compressing hip-hop vocals won’t help you. Instead, I present a method for using your dynamics processors that’s perfectly tailored to spoken word.

What you’ll get

  • Levels and Loudness for Podcasts 62-page pdf

  • Five videos of software workflows you can use in your DAW of choice, 45 minutes in total

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Levels and Loudness for Podcasts

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